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Automotive Components

We brings to the market high performing and effective Automotive Components that are well known for their durability and efficient working. We are engaged in providing these superlative products not just to the market but also to international clients who are based in different countries all over.

Engine Test RigGet Quotation

Engine test rig, for engine testing, consists engine testing dynamometer, engine test stand, Engine testing dynamometer is mostly eddy current dynamometer are used, as eddy current dynamometer are near maintainace free, ecomimical, reliable & has low inetia rotor.
Engine test rig, for performance tesing with all measurement ralated to engine as Mechanical Output Power, Speed and Torque, Specific fuel consumption and power prodiced by engines, Performance tests are conducted on engines by using eddy current dynamometer with associated computerized controls forpetrol engine testing, diesel engine testing,gas engine testing, vcr engine testing, multy fuel engine testing,
Eddy Current Dynamometers tengine testing, are manufactured up to 900 KW, up to 5000 Nm Torque capacity, Speed up to 12000 RPM.

Enine test cell for Noise, Vibration & Heat measurements, in compact cubicle are offered with PC based scada control panel suing LabView software platform.

Accessories such as Fuel measurement, Temperature measurements, Pressure measurements,engine test bed with T slot having X, Y & Z adjustment for Length, Width & Height adjustments is also offered for engine testing,

We have entire range of Dynamometers & Test Benches in our manufacturing range. such as below

EDDY CURRENT DYNAMOMETER in wide Torque rating range from tiny 2 Nm to massive 5000 Nm. In self cooled and Water or Coolant cooled version, depends on Power rating. Speeds upto 30000 RPM

EDDY CURRENT RETARDER Type DYNAMOMETER Fan cooled, to avoid water cooling hassles.

POWDER DYNAMOMETER for Torque testing right from Zero RPM.

TANDEM DYNAMOMETER Combination of Powder Dynamometer and Eddy Current Dynamometer , to get advantages of both dynamometer, Full rated Torque at ZERO Speed from POWDER DYNAMOMETER & maximum Speed up to 20,000 from EDDY CURRENT DYNAMOMETER


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Motor Test RigGet Quotation

Motor test rig,
Motor test rig, having motor testing dynamometer, motor test bench, for Performance & Endurance testing of electric motor testing, hydraulic motor testing, pneumatic motor testing, bldc motor testing, pmac motor testing, pmsm motor testing, hand tools motor testing, appliances motor testing, rotating power device testing

Our range for motor test, is as:

Eddy current dynamometer, in wide Torque rating range from tiny 1 Nm to massive 5000 Nm.

Eddy current retarder type dynamometers, Fan cooled, to avoid water cooling hassles. eddy current retarder type dynamometers, are manufactured from torque rating 1 Nm to 500 Nm.

Powder Dynamometers, for testing high Torque at low speed. Torque is controlled right from Zero Speed. powder dynamometers, Torque range from tiny 1 Nm to Massive 30000Nm.

Tandem Dynamometers, Combination of Powder Dynamometer & Eddy Current Dynamometer. are mainly used toget advantages of both dynamometer, Full rated Torque at ZERO Speed from Powder Dynamometer & maximum Speed up to 18000 rpm or more from Eddy Current Dynamometer

Motor test bench supplied for motor test, Power and Torque from 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%, 125% 160% load as per latest IEC and BIS AC Induction Motor testing standards.

Motorized motor teststand,having X,Y & Z axis(Length, Width & Height) adjustment to match shaft center of motor under test to Dynamometer Shaft Center height.

For motor testing, Computerized control panel, having our proprietary APPSYS MOTOR TEST software, developed using LabView software Platform. Test parameter measurements asMotor Input Power, Voltage, Current, Power Factor, Frequency, Motor Output Power, Motor Speed and Torque, Temperatures, Motor surface Temp, Motor Coil Winding Temp, Bearing Temp, etc are measured.

Graphs for Torque V/s Speed, Torque V/s Current, Torque V/s Temperature, Output V/sInput Power V/s Efficiency, curve are plotted.Test Parameter data, Reports & Graphs are exported and stored in MS Excel on 1 TB hard disc.

Motor Testing, also comprises HV Tester, Winding Resistance Meter, Insulation Teste, all having PC Communication output interface.Motorized auto transformer supplied for Motor reduce voltage testing. Lock Rotor test arrangement for Blocked Rotor testing is also suppliedmotor testing dynamometer,motor test stand,

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Test Rig, Test StandGet Quotation
Leading Manufacturer of gear transmission test rig, test bench, test stand and bevel gearbox test rig from Thane.

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Powder Brake & Clutches-Torque Control DevicesGet Quotation
Manufacturer of a wide range of products which include magnetic powder brake, magnetic particle clutch, powder clutch,, powder clutch and tension brake.

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Load CellsGet Quotation
Offering you a complete choice of products which include web tension sensor load cell, s type load cell and web tension load cell.

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Torque Testing DynamometersGet Quotation
Manufacturer of a wide range of products which include torque analyser, testing dynamometers, torque loading dynamometers, and torque testing, loading dynamometers.

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Tension ControllerGet Quotation

Tension Controller,
Tension Controller consists of power brake, powder clutch, Web Tension sensor, Tension Controller are mainly used Unwind tension control, rewind tension control, intermediate section tension control, web tension control, wire tension control, cable tension control, fabric tension control, textile tension control, yarn tension control, rubber tension control, tyre cord tension control, paper tension control, converting machine tension control. foil tension control, film tension control, steel roll to roll tension control, reel tension control, etc.

Web tension control, consist Load cell feed back as well as diametric compensation for accurate tension control. Web Tension Control systems configured using either Motorised or Powder brakes & Clutches.

Tension Controls are used mainly for: UNWIND, PAY OFF, REWIND, TAKE UP Infeed, Outfeed & Intermittent Sections

For printing machine,

For Lamination machines

Coating machines,

For Slitting machine,

For Wire drawing machines

for Cable machine,

Wire cut machine,

For Paper, Plastic Films, Foils, Wires, Cables converting machines,

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Automotive Testing EquipmentGet Quotation
Manufacturer of a wide range of products which include automotive testing equipment.

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Powder DynamometersGet Quotation

Powder Dynamometers, as their name suggests, contain magnetic powder in Dynamometer. The electrical current passing through the coil generates a magnetic field, which changes the property of the powder from free flowing condition at no excitation, to solid rock condition at full excitation. Thus producing a smooth braking torque through friction between rotor and stator – proportional to excitation.

The Powder Dynamometers produces their rated torque at zero speed.

The element to be tested can be loaded at standstill to determine the starting torque. Powder Dynamometer achieves at low control power, a high torque being independent from the slip speed. It distinguishes itself by a simple construction, low weight and small required space. Powder Dynamometers are ideal for applications operating in the low to mid speed range and mid to high torque range up to 3000 KgM (30000 Nm) of torque. For higher heat dissipation Powder dynamometers are provided with water circulation system for cooling, which passes inside the stator to dissipate heat generated by the braking power with power ratings up to 160 kW. They have system accuracy ratings of typically +/- 0.5% full scale, depending on Dynamometer size and system configuration By changing the exciting power force, the torque to be transmitted can be adjusted infinitely variable in the range 1:50. Powder dynamometers are typically limited to lower RPM due to heat dissipation issues

The mounting structure to accommodate the device under test, Torque & Speed transducer and Dynamometers is a sturdy mechanical structure designed for low vibrations. Safety guards for all the rotating elements are provided on the test bed with interlocks for safe operation.Test bed with T slot having X, Y & Z adjustment for Length, Width & Height adjustments is also offered along endurance test rig.

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Turbine Test RigGet Quotation
Providing you the best range of turbine test rig with effective & timely delivery.

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Gearbox testing, Transmission testingGet Quotation

Transmission testing,Gearbox testing,Transmission test bench,Gearbox test rig,
transmission testing, gearbox testing to simulate all Load and Torque on the automatic Transmission test, Gearbox test.

Transmission Test bench, Gearbox Test Rigs are designed for different types of transmission testing and manufacturing standard tests. The whole transmission testing system controls and measures all kinds of transmission parameters such as Rotating Speed, Torque, Power, Transmission Gear box Efficiency, Noise, Vibration and Temperature.

Dynamometer upto 30000 Nm Capacity to test all types of industrial gear boxes, Automobile Transmissions test, automatic transmission test,

Test Rig comprises Dynamometer, Computerized Control Panel with Data acquisition, to monitor, Input Electric Power and Output Mechanical Power, with Efficiency measurement,

T-Slotted, transmission test bench, with X, Y and Motorized Z axis (Length, Width & Height) with Motor Mounting Portable Table (Castor Wheels with Floor Locks) with X,Y and Motorized Z axis adjustments, for gear box testing and automatic transmission test,

Our Proprietary APPSYS GEAR BOX TEST software developed for motor test to monitor & display Motor Input Power, Output Power,Motor (Prime Mover) and Gearbox Efficiency, Input Voltage, Motor No Load Current, Full Load Current, No Load and Full Load Torque,Power factor, Motor temperature, Bearing Temperature, Winding Temperature. Etc.

  • Input Power (Motor Power Analyzer to sense Motor Power, To monitor Motorelectrical Input Power and for Calculation of efficiency) and Output Power, Speed,Torque, Efficiency are displayed on Monitor and stored in table and graphs in MS Excel format.
  • PC Auto and PC Manual mode selector Soft push button switch on Monitorscreen. In PC Auto mode, Data is captured on predetermined (Site settable) time and Torque Loading in steps, whereas in PCManual mode, Data is captured manually by pressing data capture soft buttonon screen. Captured data is exported to MS Excel in Table forms and inGraphs form to showTorque Vs Speed characteristics, Torque Vs Current and Speed Vs Current, Efficiency characteristics,Torque Vs Speed Oscillations at steady stateTorque at different temperatures, and custom characteristics required by clients.

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Hub Motor Test SystemGet Quotation
We are a leading Manufacturer of hub motor test systems from Thane, India.

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Endurance Test RigGet Quotation
Manufacturer of a wide range of products which include endurance test rig.

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Eddy Current DynamometersGet Quotation

Eddy Current Dynamometers, Test stands for

¨ Engine Testing, Petrol Engine testing, Diesel engine testing, Biodiesel Engine testing, GasEngine testing, Kerosene Engine testing, Multifuel VCR engine testing,
¨ GEAR BOX Testing, Transmission testing, Automatic transmission test, Gearbox testing,

¨ MOTOR Testing, AC induction motor testing, DC motor testing, BLDC Motor test, PMAC motor testing, PMSM Motor testing, Starter motors testing, Alternator testing, Hydraulic Motor test, Pneumatic Motor test, FHP Motor test, Hand Tool Motor test, Actuator test, Quarter Turn Valve testing, Shaft testing, Belt testing, Chain testing,

Eddy Current Dynamometers are manufactured in Two Types.
Water Cooled Eddy Current Dynamometer and Self or Forced Air Cooled Eddy Current Retarder.

1)Eddy Current dynamometers, Water Cooled - in wide Torque rating range from tiny 1 Nm to massive 5000 Nm. In self cooled & Water / coolant cooled version depends on Power rating, Speeds upto 30000 RPM. Cooling is provided by a water circulation system, which passes inside the stator to dissipate heat generated by the braking power. The water cooling in the EC Dynamometer provides high continuous power ratings & as typical accuracy ratings of ±0.3% to ±0.5% full scale. Mounting orientation of Eddy Current Dynamometers is in any direction, Horizontal, Vertical or inclined.

Features of Water Cooled EC Dynamometer
·Torque ratings: 0.2 Nm to 5000 Nm
·Power absorption: 20 W to 750 kW
·Speeds: Up to 30,000 rpm depending on the model.
·Single excitation coil, molded in epoxy.
·Compact, high torque-to-inertia ratio
· Bi-directional operation.
· Electroless nickel plating of cooling passages ensures corrosion free operation.


Eddy Current Retarders are manufactured in Torque range 0.2 Nm (0.02 KgM) to 3000 Nm (300) KgM, in self cooled & fan Cooled version, to avoid Water cooling hassles. such as Water reservoir, Water pump & its switchgears, piping and plumbing, water leakages etc..Eddy Current Brake Retarder to apply non friction brake to reduce Speed from full speed to lower speed in controlled fraction

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Variable Speed DrivesGet Quotation

Eddy Current Drive Controls

Speed Control:

is by a closed-loop speed feedback from an AC Tachogenerator of 48 poles, integrally mounted to the drive. Speed is maintained to the set value, despite load changes.

Torque Control:

is easy and straight forward. The intrinsic nature of an eddy current drive lends itself admirably to applications as constant torque or constant tension winding or unwinding

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Weld Backing TapesGet Quotation
Pioneers in the industry, we offer ceramic weld backing tapes from India.

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Submersible Motor Test RigGet Quotation
Our range of products include submersible motor test rig.

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